Finally Konstantin Bogomolov publicly confessed his love to Ksenia Sobchak

It was the personal life of the famous TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak.

Maxim Vitorgana began to crack at the seams, and this could not help but notice the fans. When people promote Konstantin Bogomolov. Of course, she’s cheating on her husband. The consequences of the drop, which dispelled all doubts, became the story of a fight between Maxim Vitorgan and Konstantin Bogomolov, which occurred on the territory of one of the coffee houses.

And this is what the couple recently confessed to the public. The once happy family life ended in a tragic divorce. This was confirmed by rumors about Ksyusha’s relationship with Konstantin. The person who opened all the cards became a close friend of the TV host Svetlana Bondarchuk. Dmitry Druyan.

The main character of the video was Konstantin Bogomolov, who as a gift on behalf of the Spanish song of the famous artist Philip Kirkorov called “Snow”. Ksenia Sobchak. In the end, the producer and completely in no hurry to his lady.

She was in seventh heaven. Many of those who last looked in this wedding with Maxim Vitorgan.