10 most beautiful caves on the planet

The caves are one of the most amazing creations of nature. Among the many dirty and damp “barns” come across these palaces and temples, which were found in the mockery of architectural tricks of the people. Comparison with the greatest caves of the world in beauty and grandeur. We offer you a selection of all parts of our planet.

1. Eisraisenwelt

10 most beautiful caves on the planet

In Austria there is a very long ice cave in the world – its length is about 50 km. The name “World of Ice Giants”, which opened in 1879, the year.

The desire to walk through the cloisters of the “Ice Giants” should be thoroughly warmed up – it is rather cold in the cave. Worth the fact that the mineral walls are painted in different colors, and when you see all the caves, the play of light on the icy faces will give the impression that you are inside a huge gem.

2. Fingalov Cave

10 most beautiful caves on the planet

On the uninhabited island of Staffa, located near the coast of Scotland, there are several grottoes, the most famous of which is the so-called Fingal Cave.

The length of the wall reaches 70 meters, its walls consist of vertical six-sided basalt columns of 20 meters height. Ouam-Binn, which can be translated into “The Cave of Melody”, is its unique acoustic system that can reproduce any sound that is heard under the arches of this stunning natural “cathedral”.

By the way, in 1829, a visit to the Cave of Melody inspired the composer Felix Mendelssohn to create his famous confidence in the Hebrides or Fingalov Cave, which gave the cave on Staff Island its current name. It was very impressive, because it sounds brilliantly embodied in music.

3. Blue Grotto

10 most beautiful caves on the planet

Blue Grotto (or Azure Grotto – it. Grotto Azurra). Deep fill filled with sea water, which colors penetrating into the cave sunlight in various shades of blue. It is believed that people live in a pure form, like nereids and sirens.

The best time to visit – the Blue Grotto – the second half of the day, when the sun, right to the cave entrance. The length of the grottoes is 56 meters, so it is best to travel on it, accompanied by an experienced guide.

By the way, the cave was known even to the ancient Romans – several Roman statues found in it clearly indicate this.

4. Wisteria tunnel

10 most beautiful caves on the planet

Located in the Japanese city of Kitakyushu garden flowers Kawati Fuji – absolutely amazing place that leaves anyone indifferent. This is especially true of the main attraction of the garden – the Wisteria Tunnel (or the Wisteria Tunnel), where about 150 of these beautiful flowers of 20 different species grow.

Wisteria reaches 15 meters in length and an unusual color, which allows you to create compositions of purple, blue, white and pink flowers.

The best time to visit the Tunnel is from late April to mid-May, when the famous Fuji-Matsuri – the Wisteria Festival is held. This year, more and more can not boast of beauty.

5. Ordinskaya Cave

10 most beautiful caves on the planet

The longest underwater cave is located on the outskirts of the village of Orda, on the left bank of the Kungur River. Deep underwater cave, its length is five kilometers.

Divers who swim in Ordinskaya east come off from the crystal clear water – when diving a diver can see at 45 meters.

The water temperature here ranges from 4 ° C to 8 ° C – a long onset of hypothermia. In addition, the gypsum is quite large – according to eyewitness accounts, sometimes pieces the size of a bus break from ceiling to wall.

6. Waitomo Caves

10 most beautiful caves on the planet

Arachocampa luminosa, which are not found anywhere else in the world. Soft blue-green light that is used to lure other insects in the caves. In these places cave dwellers inhabit the caves, which are entangled in them and die.

Grotto of Fireflies, which may be present at the concerts in “Kakapelle”, which always take part in the Cathedral Hill: its unique acoustic system recognizes the world stars of the operatic scene.

7. Puerto Princesa Underground River

10 most beautiful caves on the planet

St. Paul is located on the island of Palawan, part of the Philippine archipelago. The underground river is part of a national park created in 1971.

The length of the river is about eight hundred kilometers. In it fancy limestone “sculptures” are found. The submarine river of St. Paul was included in the list of “Seven New Wonders of Nature” – the winners of the competition received worldwide votes.

To learn that you only need four kilometers of a cave for tourists, you need to get a special permit.

8. Marble Cathedral

10 most beautiful caves on the planet

To get to a unique natural structure located in Chile and Argentina, you first need to get to Santiago (capital of Chile), from there go to the city Coyhaique and in addition to drive about 320 km from it, but a long journey will be rewarded with an unforgettable sight.

The marble grotto is located in the lake General-Carrera (Argentine name is Buenos Aires) and strikes with crystal-clear water and walls, as if received by the hand of a brilliant artist.

The grotto appeared about six thousand years ago, when they were destroyed depending on the level, weather and time of year.

9. Lubang Nasib Bagus

10 most beautiful caves on the planet

“Cave of Fortune” (this is how the name can be translated), which can be the largest natural grotto in the world. The size of the sauna is 100 meters in height, 600 meters in length and 415 meters in width, the area is about 163 thousand m2. 50 Boeing 747 airliners or, for example, 7.5 thousand buses.

The “Cave of Luck” was formed as a result of erosion about five million years ago, and also included the “Cave of the Winds”, the “Cave of Happiness” and several other huge “rooms”.

10. Krubera Crow Crow

10 most beautiful caves on the planet

Crow Cave is one of the deepest in the world. The depth of this unique formation, located in the Arabica (Abkhazia) massif, is 2196 meters.

The entrance to Voronu is located at an altitude of 2250 meters. Cavers, cave explorers, almost died during a storm flood, for 30 hours cut off their way back.

At a depth of 300 meters, several species of arthropods, fish and worms, whose temperature is close to zero, were found.

By the way, the waters of Krubera Cave feed Reprua. And all after 18 meters flows into the Black Sea.