10 most non-standard educated life

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1. A woman living in the “Victorian era”

10 most non-standard educated life

Sarah Chrisman never dreamed of wearing a corset, but after she completely changed. She began to wear such strict clothes.

She is currently trying to follow the Victorian way of life, as far as possible in the conditions of the modern world.

10 most non-standard educated life

Every day, Sara prepares all the dishes from natural fabrics, and not for cooking. Their home in the port of Townsend, Washington, is also furnished in Victorian style. When it comes to cooking, Sarah uses a nineteenth-century recipe book. While spouses hope to use the fridge.

2. A man who lives like a dog

10 most non-standard educated life

Gary Matthews, a former technologist and by his own admission “nerd”, thinks he is nicknamed Boomer. The 48-year-old man wears a collar, eats from dog missions, dog food – by the way, prefers “Pedigree” – and loves milk bones and dog biscuits. He even barks, chases the car and bones bones in the backyard, like any dog.

According to him, it is much more convenient than in a human bed. Boomer took part in the popular television series Here’s Boomer. The dogs told the story of the people of Boomer, who traveled the world and helped people in trouble. Soon, Matthews became interested in dogs, and the hobby eventually turned into an obsession.

They call themselves furry. This subculture first appeared in the United States in the 1980s. Furry consider themselves to be anthropomorphic animals with human factors, such as high intelligence, ability to speak, walk on two legs, and express emotions on the face. For most of them, dressing up in animal costumes is just a hobby, but Boomer has already begun to follow the dog’s way of life thoroughly.

3. A woman from North Carolina lived for 61 years.

10 most non-standard educated life

Martha Mason was an unusual person: she spent more than 60 years of her life in the apparatus for artificial respiration. She had to resort to this after polio that completely paralyzed her in childhood. Despite the seemingly hopeless situation, Martha lived, that she had a full life, and she had good diplomas, and everything was ready for publication in the world called “Life in the rhythm of artificial respiration”, which says about . She was the only one on our list.

Marta was born on May 31, 1937 in Lattimore, a small town 50 miles from Charlotte. She was paralyzed at the age of 11, before the disease had killed her own brother Gaston. After he buried Martha, she had all the same symptoms.

10 most non-standard educated life

It is not necessary that she could live on she needs a respirator. This device helps paralyzed people breathe, reduce and increase the air pressure inside a large iron tank.

In this “aquarium”, Miss Mason lived almost her entire life. The doctors said that parents need to take her daughter home and try to make her happy so that she does not worry, and Martha worries both of them due to curiosity and the desire to live.

4. A man spent the last 26 years of his life talking to people about Jesus.

10 most non-standard educated life

60-year-old Lindsay Hamon spent the last 26 years of his life. He is ready to travel the world. He was literally speaking about his shoulders across 19 countries of the world, including New Zealand, Romania, India and Sri Lanka. During the course of his journey, he saw a lot of surprising things, but more than once he encountered cruelty. Although he is in Bangladesh, he is in Rome.

Hamon blew a cross on his shoulders in 1987. The cross is made of cedar wood, its height is more than 3.5 meters, and its width is 1.8 meters. Cross for 12 hours a day, which often happens without the slightest idea of ​​where he will spend the night.

10 most non-standard educated life

Father and junior in combination – social worker receives donations from supporters. However, he is often forced to return to Cornwall’s hometown.

5. A healthy woman lives like a man whose body is paralyzed from the waist down.

10 most non-standard educated life

Johannings-White, a 57-year-old chemist from Salt Lake City, Utah, has an unnatural desire to get paralyzed lower limbs.

Chloe lives the life of a disabled person: she moves in a wheelchair and wears long braces, not allowing her to bend her knees so that she can move with crutches. She just gets up like a normal person. She loves outdoor activities – the truth is extreme. She makes 12-hour trips to the forest and climbs to the mountain peaks – again, like a normal person.

10 most non-standard educated life

Physical human health, but in 2008, the enemies diagnosed the violation of the integrity of the body perception (NTCVT) in it – a serious mental disorder, forcing a person to believe that he would be much happier if he were one of several limbs. paralyzed. In order to prevent attempts to make her backs and thus cause paralysis, the doctors “prescribed” her wheelchair and clamps. She admits that she had to become true.

Chloe tells him that she gets everything she needs from people. I think that strollers, despite the ability to move normally, actually save her from causing damage to herself.

6. A person who loves to live with cockroaches

10 most non-standard educated life

Unlike many people, Kyle Kandilian, a student from Diborny, Michigan, is not only afraid of cockroaches, but also lives in the same house with tens of thousands of these insects. According to his calculations, currently 200 thousand cockroaches live in his house.

20-year-old man collects and cockroaches for fun and profit. Apparently, this unusual hobby helps him pay university tuition.

Cockroaches of all stripes: up to 15 years, for $ 200 apiece. We have many clients, including universities, insect buyers for research.

10 most non-standard educated life

All that his parents have is a significant problem. Kayla woke his mother. She should be in the bathroom, and should say, “Kyle, we have to stop this.”

In general, he raised about 130 species. He has been engaged in the exploration of these insects for eight years.

7. A woman living with her husband and lover under the same roof.

10 most non-standard educated life

She does not understand that she does not understand. Peter Gruman.

Maria came up with an original solution, and Peter moved to her family’s home in Barkin, East London. Now, 33-year-old Maria, 37-year-old Paul, 36-year-old Peter, 16-year-old Laura and 12-year-old Amy live like one big happy family.

10 most non-standard educated life

Mary claims that they never sleep. Although they have sex with men. Children have just three adults who can help them with money or give pocket money. The whole thing is divided into three equal parts.

8. Family living in 1986

10 most non-standard educated life

If you need to find out who was the US Prime Minister in 1960, and you are ready to wait for a response ten minutes, then you should contact Blair Macmillan – he will take up the encyclopedia and find the answer. Are you wondering why the 26-year-old father of two children just can’t watch it on the Internet? He and his 27-year-old girlfriend Morgan live as if they were 1986.

They will not look at their iPhone or iPad, but drive the ball in the yard. There is no technology that appeared in the world after 1986.

10 most non-standard educated life

They do not have computers, they can educate their parents. They do not pay online, but personally visiting the bank. They buy a film for cameras for $ 20 and take pictures of their sons with an old camera, although the smartphone would be cheaper.

They recently traveled around the USA, and they had paper maps, and the children enjoyed the layouts and books with stickers and tried to prevent the children from seeing the portable TV screens in nearby cars. Kia car – only without GPS.

9. A woman with 700 cats

10 most non-standard educated life

Line Latin always wanted to have a cat. She lives in a hundred water areas in Parlera, California.

The line began to rescue cats immediately after the divorce, in 1981, and sheltered almost 19 thousand felines. However, she insists that she is not crazy, and her mission is to ensure the rescue of cats and kittens in permanent homes and prevent an increase in the population of animals through sterilization and castration.

10 most non-standard educated life

Nearly 700 cats, as well as 15 dogs. The line survives thanks to donations and grants.

10. A woman lives with dozens of “Black Widows”

10 most non-standard educated life

People are usually afraid of spiders, but one woman, Jay Reich, desperately tries to collect spiders and even says that she wants such a spider to bite her – so she proves that they are harmless.

Jay lives in Bracknell. Currently, there are three adults of the Black Widow species and ten cubs.

Sam, mother spider, Jay called Sylla. She claims to be an animal. The recent panic that has arisen due to a prosperous life, is very angry 26-year-old woman. No one would have thought that it was closed.