10 most unexpected uses of astrology

Today’s popularly beloved astrology “Science” was published on the last page of the newspaper and sent by e-mail. Signs of the zodiac is hardly more than people who take astrology seriously? Astrology was used not only for divination.

1. Animal breeding

The death of livestock is often a matter of life and death for entire families, so farmers try their best to ensure that animals produce the greatest number of the best offspring. Often this means that animals born under different signs will have different features. Are you breeding for beauty? The animal must be born under the sign of Libra. And if you want to increase the number of livestock – Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer. The gestation period of animals has long been determined, so you need to have children and introduce future parents to each other.

In the 17th century England, not all breeders relied on sounds, but they must be faithful to all that is crucial for obtaining better offspring. But even those who did not rely on astrology for exploration do not hesitate they are accused of unsuccessful conclusions or illnesses of livestock, witchcraft, or other scientifically doubtful practices. There are astrological recommendations regarding time and castration, cases and weaning of newborn animals.

2. In the Bible

Attempts to find the future in the stars lasted for a long time, and the authors of the Bible did not approve. I tried to find answers somewhere else, and it was not at all considered a good Christian thing.

There are many places in the Bible where astrology is used for new ideas, that God is the only true source of knowledge and instruction. In the second chapter of the book of the prophet Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar suffers from bad dreams. Wanting to know what these countries are all about, including astrologers. When they could not explain that all were wise kingdoms to die. Daniel in turn received the word and asked God for guidance. And Daniel received the answers he needed to save her and her friends, so that they could understand astrology and other kinds of magic – this is not the way to know what is happening to you and what you are waiting for.

There are also many references – including Psalm 19 – in which there is evidence of the glory of God, and not a way to predict the future. According to Jeremiah 10: 2, astrology is the science of pagans, and Christians should not be worried about what astrologers are trying to say. Finally, in the Fourth Book of Kings 21: 6 it is most clearly stated that people indulge in astrology.

3. In agriculture

The success of any crop must be very important. Astrology can even predict a farmer.

Both Virgil and I pay special attention to the fact that reading and teaching are carried out during sowing. Sowing seeds and grafting trees are better than seeds planted in a decreasing moon, will not germinate. It is believed to take root in this phase of the moon and bloom in the growing moon. Pliny wrote that vegetation can best be achieved by planting plants in the ninth and 13-day lunar cycle. It is best to plant barley and other grains in the Pleiades, at least Virgil says so.

Some of these tips are still being followed. According to the Biodynamic Association of India, the success of farming depends on an understanding of the rhythmic movement of the moon and the effect it uses on plants and seeds. Many theories are based on the idea that moons play an important role in a successful landing.

According to the organization, there are many cases: for example, rain, most likely, full moons, and then, and more. Even in the Almanac of Farmers, there is an astrological guide, telling you which crops are better to plant and which days are better left to clear from weeds and build fences.

4. Meteorology

Astrologers and astronomers are at opposite ends of the scientific spectrum, but this was not always the case. At the end of the 16th century, Tycho Brahe wrote that accurate weather predictions could be used in the last 12 days of December. He can be sure that he was sure of them if he published the magazine as a textbook under the name of one of his students.

Johann Kepler was also a big supporter of the use of astrology for weather forecasting and did it constantly with overwhelming success. He attributed incredibly accurate weather calendars, based on his observations of the stars and predicted the dates when the storm broke. We had only one big difference – Brahe thought that the Earth does not rotate.

The movement of the planet is the key to the astrological forecast, and no, it really does matter. Even in the Victorian era, the idea that should be predicted by the stars had great support, and even respected scientists used the term “weather prophecy”.

5. Propaganda during World War II

A citizen of Hungary of German descent, Louis de Wol, was a self-styled “Court according to descriptions suffering from greatness, longed for universal attention.” In addition, he was the astrologer of the British elite, including Romanian ambassador Viorel Virgil Tilea. In the end, Tilea returned to his homeland, but his interest in astrology did not disappear. He consulted Hitler himself, predicting the future of the Third Reich.

De Wol showed Hitler’s horoscope (he lost the war) and began to cooperate with the British special services, intrigued by his potential contacts. The future was not enough, and he took the liberty to name his solitary operation “Psychological Research Bureau”, regularly interpreting Hitler’s horoscope, while maintaining public relations and spying on his well-to-do clients.

In 1941, the British decided to try their hand at a little propaganda: they sent a trip to the United States with performances in the United States, indicating that he should disseminate information that sounds do not contribute to the development of Hitler in the war. Before that, they conducted a fake ceremony and announcements in order to have time to make him an army captain, before he went on some kind of tour. He traveled to the United States, where he delivered speeches and answered questions in the hope that the country would enter the war. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor occurred just as he was in charge of his duties in the states. He returned to the UK and realized that it was obvious when he appeared in his office in Grosvenor House and not only from the special operations, but also for any information.

6. Deciding where to live

Depending on what interests us, career opportunities depending on proximity to the family or the severity of local winter areas. According to numerous astronomical studies, it was also known as geographical astrology, and was used even in times of biblical events, when the wise men were looking for a place of sacred of birth. This technique became more common when computers made building points and locations much easier.

This should be the ideal approach for those who are going to move and trust more than their own judgment. According to lawyers Jim Lewis, all of these schemes are perfectly visible in the drawings of US presidents.

7. Figuring out what we will reincarnate

Evolutionary astrology is another recent addition to the astrological world. She seeks to correct one of the biggest problems that are set before us in astrology, namely, to answer the question of why people born on the same day. She does this with regard to the human soul.

As evolutionary sociology says, each soul exists in one particular state of evolution, as it assumes only a human form (before growing animals and animals), to a spiritual state that only has a connection with “all” life. When it takes on a human form, it is called a soul. Every soul can be revealed through evolutionary astrology.

This whole theory and travel schedule of the departed in 1977 sent Jeffrey to Wolf Green, who said that he could help others understand at what point of reincarnation they are. Unlike traditional astrology, evolutionary astrology is interpreted not through the usual zodiac, but through the Pluto phase in connection with the northern and southern nodes of the moon.

8. Determination of potential spouse loyalty

In 1647, astrologer William Lilly wrote “Christian Astrology”, which was released and released in 1852 as “Introduction to Astrology”. The book was completely a collection of descriptions of all astrological houses and how to use them to determine situations. According to Lilly, the Seventh House controls the issues that a person should deal with regarding love, as well as thefts, fights, enemies and strangers … You probably already understand what this is for. The book usually indicates that a person can not only determine what he wants, but also – in a strange way – to deceive his soulmate.

She has every reason to stay in the reserve she prefers her to be a man and virtuous. , A few minor changes looking for a husband. You must be a wife. We do not know how many relationships this book destroyed.

9. Recruitment

In many places around the world can not be discriminated This is a sign of the zodiac.

It all started that year when an Austrian company filed an announcement, indicating that candidates were to be born only under the signs of Leo, Aries, Aquarius, Taurus or Capricorn. As has been proven, this proves that these were the easiest ways to weed out weak candidates. The government supported the company when it came to court. At this time, while the Austrian company did not understand what signs they like, who do not need them – Scorpions and Virgos. This company stated that employees, relatives under these signs, did not work well in a team or did not fulfill their official duties, so that they would not take preventive measures in order to avoid problems with people born under these signs in the future. The Chinese company has not been fully implemented and has not proved that preference should be given to Capricorn, Pisces and Libra.

10. Medicine

Both for doctors and for ordinary people. For example, Pisces controls the legs, Aries – the head, Scorpio – half. Medieval hairdressers-surgeons could treat patients with chronic abdominal pain with operations or bloodletting, and the stomach was under the authority of Virgo, and this was bad for foreshadowing any operations.

Twins are associated with accidents, problems of the arms and shoulder, and nervous disorders. Virgo is associated with disorders of the bowels, and Capricorn – with leprosy and skin diseases. It can probably be proved that a person can get sick, when someone can tell what a person is suffering from, and how to treat it.

In addition, the astrological influence on herbs, plants and other means is taken into account, and the course of treatment often depends on what the stars advised. The disease of the astral cycles, as well as it was believed that the time of appearance and disappearance of symptoms and the possibility of recovery of the patient.