10 most unusual parks in the world

10 most unusual parks in the world

Nature is the best artist, and thanks to this alliance amazing places appear. We offer you a selection of the most unusual parks in the world.

1. Park 200 Buddha, Laos

10 most unusual parks in the world

Park 200 Buddha was created relatively recently by one of the religious leaders of Laos Bunley Sultatom. And I could not, because I could not. Nevertheless, the park is amazing: over 200 sculptures of Buddha, heroes and heroes of Hindu and Buddhist mythology gathered in a relatively small area. Thanks to an elaborate layout, the visitor can accurately approach each stone statue, explore all the features of sharpness, or, if captured, look at the stone lilies from a distance. Surprisingly, each supreme hero has his own facial expression. All the statues are worked out to the smallest detail: Czech outfits, folding outfits for heroes, paraphernalia, face … Some statues are 20 m tall, and some do not exceed the height of a five-year-old child.

The city can be reached by bike or even on foot. In addition to the statues, it has picturesque ponds, well-groomed flower beds, and a glass sphere open to visitors, where the embalmed body of the creator of Bunly Sultatat Park rests.

2. Green Lake, Austria

10 most unusual parks in the world

This park, located in the Austrian city of Traoess, is surprised first of all by the fact that in winter it is a normal park with groves broken here in the alleys. People come here to sit on comfortable benches, have a picnic and admire the stunning views of the mountains and the lake, the water in which has an unusual green shade. Now the lake is being poured, and the water level in it rises from two meters to ten. Then the park is flooded and completely hidden under water.

Divers gathering. Perhaps you can see the familiar world under water. All plants, park paths and benches remain in place. Among the common vegetation in the crystal-clear water small fish swim. And so it goes until winter comes.

3. Sinners Park, Thailand

10 most unusual parks in the world

The park is not recommended for visiting people with unstable mentality. The fact is that the park of sinners on the territory of a Buddhist temple 40 km from Bangkok is filled with a sculpture of people, pierced copies, hung, eaten by mythical animals and moderate other, no less terrible manifestations. ” In addition, there are speakers all over the world, and there are muffled psychedelic music and a creepy voice telling about various horrors, torture and those broadcasts – fortunately in Thai.

By the way, Thais often come here with children – apparently, for educational purposes. But we would not recommend bringing a child to such places. In this case, if they have either an iron psyche, or a specific sensuality of humor.

4. Space Reflection Park, Scotland

10 most unusual parks in the world

In accordance with the concept of the creators of the park of spouses Charles Jenks and Maggie Cheswick, this should be a representation for the universe and a place in it, and also that there is nothing unusual in modern science. There are no usual flower beds or convenient paths in the park. But there are completely futuristic objects like the unusual shape of artificial hills, bridges, and stairs. Everything is in harmony that aluminum sculptures of the most bizarre form fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape.

The visitor can even get into a “black hole” or find it in a Klein bottle, reflect on complex mathematical formulas or wander inside fractals. From the height of bird flight, all the artificial objects of the park represent a whole picture. A land worth visiting.

5. Museum of Creation, USA

10 most unusual parks in the world

This park should be created so that people could not contradict the theory of evolution. The attention of the visitor is provided with giant moving figures of dinosaurs, adjacent to the “reconstruction” of the huge Noah’s ark. Behind the glass cases next to it were the bones of prehistoric animals and biblical artifacts. Bible officials claim they did not survive the Great Flood.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, the park is undoubtedly worth the attention. The fact is that most dinosaurs and reconstructed skeletons are genuine archaeological finds. The idea of ​​combining biblical history with science is quite interesting in itself.

6. Flower Park Keukenhof, the Netherlands

10 most unusual parks in the world

Thanks to the huge tulip fields growing on its territory. On 32 hectares grows more than 100 varieties of these flowers. Of course, besides tulips, other flowers grow in the park: lilac, orchids, roses, lilies. In the spring, more than 800 thousand tourists come to the park – only during the period from March to May.

Every year at the end of April, a couple of flowers pass through the park: huge platforms completely made of plants move along the streets of the city of Lissa.

7. Francisco Alvarado Park, Costa Rica

10 most unusual parks in the world

This park is a real wonder of landscape design. You see elephants, monkeys and other animals. All that is needed in the park is a mystical labyrinth of living plants: everything that is needed is not only amazing surprises. ,

8. Bird Park in Jurong, Singapore

10 most unusual parks in the world

In Jaurong collected birds from around the world. Of course, birds from Southeast Asia, as well as from Europe, America and Africa. All people live in freedom – no aviaries or cages can be found in the park. For each group of birds created conditions that provide a natural habitat: for example, for an artificial air conditioning system, for an artificial reservoir.

There are 110 species of these bright intelligent birds. No less interesting is the pavilion with an artificial waterfall, where 1500 species of birds from different parts of the world live. Birds feed, sleep, raise offspring. Only employees should warn that this may adversely affect the health of the birds.

9. Kingdom of dwarfs, China

10 most unusual parks in the world

Truth be told, this is not exactly a park. Rather, the Kingdom of dwarfs can be called a village where serious dwarfs live. The park has its own school, hospital, shops. In fabulous costumes and conduct their own excursions for those who wish. The houses, by the way, are very interesting, made in the form of mycelium or trees. All the attendants of the park are represented by its strict inhabitants.

From the point of view of public morals, the park causes some doubt both among Europeans and Chinese. The place is popular, not in a hurry.

10. Chess Park, Japan

10 most unusual parks in the world

In a Japanese city dedicated to board games. The tracks, tables, children’s slides and all other objects are made in a chess theme. Of course, in the park you can find open chess boards. Tourists are not very popular among locals, who often come here with children.

The park is surprised by the fact that it didn’t have so many means that all were made of pressed wood and cardboard. If you are going to Japan – go, you will not regret, because it can be interesting.