10 of the coolest water parks in the world with high slides and large pools

Summer is sunny days when you can swim and have fun. Around the world, families go to the water to enjoy their holidays. They can visit local pools or dizzying slides – rides on the water cause real delight. Everyone wants to see the coolest water park in the world. These popular entertainment zones will amaze the imagination of even the most sophisticated extreme sports lovers.

In the US, there are more than 50 billion dollars, which employs up to 2.3 million employees. We can find everything you need to have fun without water entertainment.

The highest water park water park

These dizzying slides are listed in the Guinness Book of Records due to a height of 51.4 meters. Their name “Verruckt” in German refers to something “shocking” and “unbelievable”. Construction began on the Schlitterbahn Park in Kansas City of the year. The opening of the project took place in the last days of July of the year. Design invented by Jeff Henry, one of the owners of the park. According to the plan, each boat should have people who reached a speed of 100 km / h.

10 of the coolest water parks in the world with high slides and large pools

Verruckt, United States

Incredible slides above Niagara Falls and the Statue of Liberty (not counting the height of the pedestal). The disadvantage of the design was the problem of overcoming 100 steps to get to the upper platforms.

In August, a tragic incident occurred with Caleb Schwab, son of Republican Senator Scott Schwab. The boy received a fatal injury. Society was openly decisive to destroy the slides. According to the Associated Press, Kansas is too frivolous about the problem of security in amusement parks. Unfortunately, these tragedies were incredibly risky.

The longest slides in the world

The world record for slides from Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey, allowed them to be set to 602 m. Although they have no special names, the design is divided into 20 sections of 30 m each. Polyvinyl chloride was used as the main building material from which inflatable attractions for children are made. The rest can be guessed – these are also inflatable slides. It will take more than 2 hours to fill them with air, about 3800 liters of water flow through them in an hour, the descent from each section takes up to 90 seconds.

10 of the coolest water parks in the world with high slides and large pools

Action Park, USA

In the amusement rides in the Guinness Book of Records, but still not open to the public. The experts did not set the maximum weight load, so the potential risks remain unknown. Another reason is a long process of state certification. We can ride in the record-holder slides.

The longest roller coaster in the water

This incredible dizzying attraction does not look like an ordinary roller coaster. “Mammoth” appeared on the territory of Hol>

10 of the coolest water parks in the world with high slides and large pools

Splashin ’Safari, United States

Guests are waiting for incredible turns, dizzying descents and climbs with a total length of 537 m. The wagons count on 6 people, so people can have fun. Those who ventured to ride on the “Mammoth”, will overcome six sharp steep levels. Descending the unpredictable spiral chute, which overlooks the entire park, will give an unforgettable experience of this extremal.

The highest roller coaster on the water

The “massif” was built in Schlitterbahn Park, Galveston Island, and fully corresponds to its name. It is located in Galveston, Texas, in honor of the ten-year anniversary park. With a height of 24.9 m at the end of the route. She got into the Guinness Book of Records due to the height.

10 of the coolest water parks in the world with high slides and large pools

Array, United States

Emily Colombo will create this project based on rigorous scientific facts. To achieve success, it is necessary to achieve a harmonious combination of dynamics, speed and overload limit. Everyone liked all the slides. All that they always sought for diversity, coming up with new attractions.

The longest “lazy river”

The Lazy River in the RBM Cable Park, in Waco, Texas, has the possibility of a long-awaited vacation, as such and as a real sybarite. Due to the length of 1.6 km, the attraction is named the longest river of this type. Separate areas are located under the scorching sun, so everyone can find a place for a comfortable rest.

10 of the coolest water parks in the world with high slides and large pools

BSR Cable Park, USA

Despite the fact that the attraction is no different from other types of entertainment, the lack of the original is compensated by the size. The river will provide a refreshing summer vacation for both children and adults. This is especially true during hot days under the scorching Texas sun.

The largest wave pool in the open

The first attraction on the list, not in the US, is the Siam Park City water park, built in the Bangkok Han Na Yao area. This is not only the most grandiose similar object in Asia, but here you have also found the wave pool found in the Guinness Book of Records. It covers an area of ​​13,600 m 2, where there are zones for both kids and extreme lovers.

10 of the coolest water parks in the world with high slides and large pools

Siam Park City, Bangkok

No more than 60 cm should be valid. Despite all the precautions, especially for kids. Waves and water pressure cause serious danger. For most visitors, this is a great compromise between slow lazy rivers and dizzying spirals of water slides.

The largest indoor wave pool

West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, you can visit the largest indoor wave pool called Blue Thunder. There are 4 active ponds, where special panels generate waves. Due to too much excitement and a few accidents. Waves are too high and dangerous even for experienced swimmers. Due to the endless movement of water, visitors are better not to dive.

10 of the coolest water parks in the world with high slides and large pools

Blue Thunder, Canada

Today, “Blue Thunder” will create waves with a height of 1.5 to 1.8 m. Spaciousness – 12.3 million liters of water. The pool is often rented for surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding and other sports entertainment. In such cases, the wave height changes.

The longest water slide with a steep tunnel

What is in the German city? Erding and gives unforgettable pleasure to those who decide to take the risk? Of course, this is the “Magic Eye” in the Galaxy Erding water park. In the Guinness Book of Records in November, it was recorded that its length is 356.3 m. Until now, no one has tried to surpass this attraction in length. The company Klarer Freizeitanlagen AG, recognized as the world leader in the development of design samples, was opened in May 2007.

10 of the coolest water parks in the world with high slides and large pools

Galaxy Erding, Germany

In addition to the record length, the height is 22 m. Due to the fact that the guests of the park are guaranteed unforgettable impressions during the descent. Some flickering effect may not like it, epileptics definitely should not go down the hill alone.

The largest open-air water park in the USA

Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin Dells is the largest water park in the United States, with a total area of ​​70 acres. Although there are no champions in the park, 51 slides form the jewel of Wisconsin-Dels, which calls the world capital of the parks. Although the town is quite small, it has 28 parking spaces.

10 of the coolest water parks in the world with high slides and large pools

Noah’s Ark, United States

The length of the hill is 400 m, full of unexpected turns. Those who like to soak in the water can ride along a lazy river or relax in a wave pool, where the species is excited every 10 minutes.

Failure. For example, they often fall into a kind of circular loop. Wisconsin Dells invites everyone to visit the indoor water park, where unforgettable impressions are guaranteed both on hot summer days and during the icy winter.

The largest indoor water park

In conclusion, we again go to Germany, in the city of Krausnik, south-east of Berlin, where the largest resort Tropical Islands is located. This incredible park is spread over 16 acres and can accommodate up to 6000 people. All age categories can use the excellent service – there are both shallow plants and large attractions, as well as the Bali-style lagoon – she does not like adults who are not against the compatibility of pleasant relaxation and searching for adventure. Thanks to the climate control mechanism and the glass roof at any time of the year.

Summer days are best spent with friends and family. When choosing a water park, evaluate all possible risks in order not to endanger your loved ones. You are waiting for dizzying descents, spiral tunnels and unexpected turns, which give an unforgettable experience even the most sophisticated fans of extreme sports. The best water parks in the world are waiting for you!