10 of the most unusual dowry and ransoms for the bride

In almost every culture there was a tradition of dowry and bride price. Usually she should count on the case of divorce. As a rule, young people receive money for the future family budget. Today we will talk about the ten most unusual dowry and bride price.

Foreskin 100 soldiers

The Israeli King David, who glorified the killing of Goliath, had to work hard to get his wife’s hand and heart. The daughter of the Israeli king Saul Michalka fell in love that it was mutual, the only disadvantage was the social inequality of lovers. The father decided that he wanted him to be the true enemy of Israel.

David decided to go further to show how much he wants to marry Saul’s daughter. This may be proof that the enemies of Israel were dead. David returned with trophies, but Saul kept his word.

45 kg silver

The courtyard was the 17th century, John Hal founded the first coin minting workshop in Massachusetts and managed it independently. He created the coin “pine shilling”, small silver circles. The father and the groom agreed that the girl weighs. The ransom weight was 45 kg of silver, which is about $ 1,600, not so expensive, I must say.

Magic pear

A Scottish legend dating back to the 13th century tells the story of the Kolstone pear. She was married to her daughter, and she wanted to give a special gift to her new relatives. The dowry to the daughters of Giffard was the same Pear, as the wizard himself bequeathed, while the newly made relatives would protect the fruit, the hardships of their family are not terrible.

The legend was supplemented in 1692, when Lady Elizabeth Mackenzie of the Giffard family saw in all that she had bitten off a piece of this pear. The servants immediately checked in a silver container, where the fruit was kept. Some time later, the husband, Mrs. Mackenzie.

Ransom for daughter lesbian

This story is our time. Millionaire Sisil Chao could not accept the fact that his daughter Gigi Chao was a lesbian, and announced a reward of $ 65 million to anyone who would persuade Gigi to marry a man. Shortly after this statement, Sicil doubled the amount.

Gigi did not give up her lifestyle and announced a wedding with her other half, Sean Eve. Gigi tries to convince his father, like the rest. And, despite the fact that his daughter has the right to the fact that his daughter could not help it, the money remained with him.

64 kg of soap

At the beginning of the 20th century, She was not a famous girl from Paris. The bride’s father was a hairdresser. The first was commonplace – money. But the second was special. The girls’ father wanted him to have a steady weight, as many pounds as his daughter weighed (64 kg). Probably young enough soap for life.

Million likes

Yemen’s Salem Ayash decided that his future son-in-law must prove that he deserves the hand of his daughter. He had to demonstrate that he is working and is able to feed his family, to collect a million under the Facebook post about engagement.

I want the groom and the women to gather so that they can afford it. In Yemen, it sometimes happens that they take part in the collection of bride price. This issue was even discussed at the state level. Unfortunately, the Facebook page has been deleted.

Part of southeastern France

One of the most influential women of Europe of the XII century, Alienor of Aquitaine, was not only the spouse of the reigning king of France, but also of England. She was 15 when her father died, and she became the Duchess of Aquitaine, and Louis VI was her mentor and bodyguard. Of course, he immediately ordered to marry Eleanor to marry his son. In the new seven Aquitaine duchy.

After 15 years of an unhappy marriage, King Louis VII and Alienor annulled the marriage. You can call the girl of happiness, she managed to agree that after she received her land back, she had to leave the children with her father. Henry II, Planetagenet, dowry was still her land.

The greatest legacy of the Qing Dynasty

Jade cabbage is a work of art. Deal of gemstone jade. The author of this work is unknown, presumably, it was created in the XIX century, and it is still not known that this precious cabbage became a dowry for the emperor’s daughter as a symbol of her purity.

All that children have is symbolizing the good fortune and blessing of the youth of many children. Today, this work of art is kept in the Museum of the Imperial Palace in Taipei Taipei and attracts more tourists than ever.

156 million dollars

Wu Ruibao married in a year. The dowry of his beloved daughter was more than a trillion yuan (156.37 million dollars). All shares are gold, expensive cars, shares worth $ 15 million.

The bride married her childhood love. The newspapers wrote that in this city it is more profitable than in a bank, because the magnates love to measure their dowry in order to demonstrate their well-being.

Bombay and Tangier

Medieval Portuguese princess Catherine of Braganssa married the English Charles II and became queen. Many people mistakenly believe that it was she who brought tea to England. Perhaps these were the cities of Bombay and Marxan Tangier.

True, in Tangier, the situation escalated, the Portuguese accused the British of looting and violence. Soon the British left the city. India gained independence only in 1947.

Modern brides can brag. Yes, and the groom in the XXI century will not have to kill opponents to get their foreskin. The world is becoming more civilized.