Advertising in the states of the ancient world - a selection of interesting facts with photos

Advertising is known to be the engine of progress and the cult of consumption. It is improving, makes us buy more and more. Banners on the Internet pursue us on each new page. The product of modernity. It doesn’t matter what currency is in your pocket: dollars or dinars.

Public house in Pompeii

All people stand in a huge queue and can not decide on the order? It was about the same problem. They had to provide possible services to make it easier for customers to decide. In the days of the Roman Empire, sex was treated more simply than today. They had to openly advertise their services.

For example, Lupanarium (“Wolf’s Lair”) was originally built as a brothel, it had 10 rooms intended for guests. Images on the walls served as a complement to the variety of erotic services. In addition to brothels, a prostitute was easy to find right on the street. Graffiti on the street pointed the way to great and pure love. “If someone is sitting here, he wants to read this: if someone wants to fuck, then let him look for Attica, she is worth 4 sestertia.”

Another inscription, with a more accurate algorithm of actions: “In search of a recruit next to the Roman enemies in prostitutes.”

Politics in Pompeii

Prostitution is called the oldest profession. Close to her is politics. In this case, it is important that she publish all the articles that describe how representatives of this profession used similar methods. The location of ediles and duumvirs was thought out to the smallest detail, and information about the elections was placed on the walls of the city.

“Neighbors beg you to choose Lucius Statius Recipe, a duumvir with judicial authority and just a good person.” It was written by his neighbor, Amelius Celer. And let the disease overtake the one who will erase this inscription “.

Advertising written in large black font, striking. Someone supports this candidate, and you should also be for him.

A guest group publishes a vote in a specific manner. Hard to say. “It seems to be a clean water advertisement.

Greek pottery

Products of classical Greek ceramics are most often decorated with red and black figures. If you twist the product, it seems as if the pictures on them come to life.

Many that, for example, today this is happening with Monet. Signature is a kind of advertisement.

The famous potter Evfimida puzzled advertising their products, and he had no opportunity to emphasize that they are better than his competitors. He wrote: “There is no master better than Euphemis.” True, artistic abilities were not always the guarantor of successful sales.

In the Louvre there is such an exhibit: the leading horses. If it were not for the inscription, which says: “I buy, you make a deal.”

Needle Shop Jinan Lew

The seal has changed the world, especially the sphere of advertising. Leaflets and posters have become a popular way of conveying information to the consumer. When did printing become true marketing? The company was the first to advertise itself.

Jinan Lew made quality needles and wanted everyone to know about them. “We buy the highest quality and quality materials that do not require special training before use,” reads the advertising text.

This may be marketing progress: in addition to the inscriptions on rabbits with a needle in his teeth. This is one of the first emblems of the brand.

In order to produce leaflets in large quantities. Jeanna Lew.

The idea of ​​advertising is the one that is ubiquitous and carries the “message”. One of the ways is to place advertisements on subject access.

At all times it continued today. For example, in English it is written “Elizabeth II D G REG F D”, which means “Elizabeth II, God’s mercy, Queen, Protector of faith.” Ancient coin makers also liked to advertise the image of the person depicted on them.

Julius Caesar ordered to place his portrait on the Goddess Venus. He used the money for propaganda purposes: he placed an image of two sides on the reverse side to emphasize that he was here and to remind people that they should thank him for salvation from tyranny.

Brutus was defeated, and Caesar was proclaimed god. When he used coins to create a brand of a loved one. Augustus, the adopted son of Caesar, wrote that he was the son of God, which was technically true.

Other emperors prefer to demonstrate their military power. Traian depicted his victory over the Dacians on the flip side of the money. At the same time, the population was extremely illiterate.

Inscriptions on bricks

Mesopotamia – the land between the rivers Euphrates and Tigris, the territory of modern Iraq – was the cradle of ancient civilizations. They gave ample opportunity for advertising.

More than 4,000 years ago, the bricks used in construction contained inscriptions made using cuneiform techniques. These were mainly the names of the rulers, so that people passing by and seeing the name of the king on the wall would remember him.

When King Nebuchadnezzar made a dining empire out of the commercial city of Babylon, he wanted to make sure that the residents understood that it was his merit, and he built a city of brick of his own design.

On each brick it was written: “I, Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, built Esagilus and Ezidu, the eldest son of Nabopolassar, king of Babylon.” The inscription was made inside.

When Saddam Hussein was busy rebuilding the ruins of Babylon, he went further than Nebuchadnezzar. He wrote: “Saddam Hussein, the defender of Iraq, rebuilt civilization and rebuilt Babylon.”

I hope that Sadmon Hussein retired, the bricks were dismantled.

Sponsorship of sporting events

Big sport – big money. You have to see that everything will go unnoticed. In addition, you can become a sponsor of the entire game.

Sponsorship of games is not a new invention of mankind. The outbreak of gladiator fights in ancient Rome – this was the first use of sport as propaganda.

It was a large amphitheater, where gladiator fights took place, which sometimes got out of control. For example, mass ridicule turned into a real riot, and the fighting was banned. In the end, they approved their conduct.

“20 gladiators of Gneus Pompey the Great … I will fight without any municipal expenditures of Pompey.”

“20 gladiators de Sacria Valens, priest of Nero Caesar, son of Augustus, and 10 gladiators de Sacria Valens will fight in Pompeii on April 4. It will be hot. “

People voted to make the show better.

Fish Sauce and Olive Oil

Amphoras are capacious earthen vessels in which goods were transported in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Due to the fact that there were cases when a stamp was discovered. Some were actually used to train the goods.

Archaeologists have found garum jars in Pompeii (“fish sauce made from fermented fish juice”) with the inscription: “The best garum from Mark Aksius Telemachus factory.”

Olive oil was one of the most important products in the ancient world. It was used for cooking, for body hygiene (for cleaning the skin from dirt). People were looking for the highest quality oil.

Betiki (which were an ancient Roman province) were found as a product. Perhaps it was this oil that was most in demand. All that can be done is to make a pure advertisement.

Runaway slaves

Increasingly, hangs up ads asking to return the found animal. In the ancient world, slaves were like pets to their masters. The slave owner wanted to return his property and betrayed the loss to publicity. Reward and reward details to our predecessor.

This method is usually used in Pompeii, in other places usually just spread the news about the escaped slave. In Egypt, papyrus leaflets were made. For the appointed slave the award was always assigned.

As a rule, after the collapse of the traces of punishment, no one waited with open arms.

Alcohol in the ancient world

People love to get drunk, so advertising fun drinks is not that difficult. And even there is a theory to distill alcohol. Advertise Mesopotamian beer is considered to be one of the very first in its industry.

Alan Ames, who represents himself as a beer anthropologist, who has discovered so far with the image of a busty woman holding flasks of beer. According to Ames, next to the picture it is written: “Drink beer, Elba, because the lion’s courage flows in it”. Unfortunately, there were no photos confirming this inscription.

In writing or in pictures. The oral form is the most ancient advertisement. Falernian wine campaign.

Poets expressed their love for this drink in verse. According to Martial, this drink would not be served to the god Zeus himself. This is a comparison created by Bacchus. We had a harvest before the year 121.

So today we learned. There was a huge amount of new materials and levers of influence on the consumer. Remember one thing – if you need to sell something, it is worth paying for success.