Annoying and unpleasant sounds for a person

Feelings and feelings help a person to navigate in space. Despite the fact that people officially recognized only five basic feelings. This does not help us to cause vibrations (creating pressure waves) through an intermediary, in which air is usually present, which turns into something completely different – sound.

We can listen to music, communicate verbally, hear the approaching power. Understanding that he is experiencing amazing emotions, is surprising, causes a feeling of pleasantness or irritation of human hearing.

Gnash nails on the school board

Perhaps we have a list of horrible and annoying sounds – we all remember the gnashing of nails on the blackboard. It takes a leading position. But why is he so ill with human hearing? They decided to conduct research in the year. This unpleasant sound belongs to the range from 2000 to 5000 Hz. Perhaps it is a matter of evolution: approximately at this frequency. This fact may well explain the reason for what really is. Many question this explanation.

However, the reason why it is annoying most people. If you believe the above researcher, it all depends on the context. The man was involved in experiments during which they connected to the monitors, recording the changes in heartbeat, skin-electrical activity and the level caused by the influence of annoying sound signals. After the subjects asked to assess the level of unpleasant sounds on a certain scale. Half of those participating in the trial are named as the source of the musical work. But the reaction of the organism remained unchanged: heart palpitations, sweaty palms, etc. It should be noted that people who listen to them as part of a musical composition. The effect is enhanced by what we see. Other similar sounds that can be used for cymbals or for dental foam sheets are all in the same category.

Who was pleased with you, who is chewing loudly or chomping? If I wanted to take them upside the head. Lucky you. What we will tell here comes from personal experience. It just did not pay attention. If you were happy, then you were a misfunction (intolerance of certain sounds) to you is unusual. The term itself appeared in the early 2000s, when a group of scientists began to study calls in the ears. This is not only an obvious expression, but also unpleasant sensations that people experience, they hear certain sounds: champing, heavy breathing, tapping with fingers, yawning, crunching of fingers, snoring and even whistling. As it turned out, the point here is that the sound repeats with a certain frequency. Surprisingly, mizophony is also associated with hostility towards falsity, although this process is in no way connected with auditory perception.

The normal reaction of people suffering from misophone may be irritation, disgust, discomfort, even the desire to leave. But sometimes it happens that people experience a severe reaction. Due to annoying sounds or limited suicidal thoughts. Of course, they try to avoid meeting other people and completely isolate themselves from society. Misophony is not even well understood, but the people who suffer from it are really a lot. Symptoms are usually associated with irritation, depression, and even obsessive-compulsive (obsessive) state. Doctors believe that both sides are involved here – the physical and psychological sides. Misophony begins to manifest itself during adolescence, most commonly found in girls. It can only be a recognized disease, or it is just an obsessive state.

Earworm (obsessive melodies)

As if the record is stuck? Of course, this happened to everyone. I want to say that this is just a song entirely. She tormented humanity for a long time. The causes of such phenomena are always: stress, increased emotional sensitivity, soaring in the clouds, associative series. That is why you start to sing the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen when someone utters the word “Mom”. In fact, 90% of people experience the same condition at least once a week. When we do the routine work, which does not need to concentrate heavily.

By the way, we give a tooth, you are now singing “Bohemian Rhapsody”, yes? Well, let’s go further …

All that we have, we quickly remember. We repeat in our memory again and again, trying to reach the end, which is not really there. We have some degree of relativity to the auditory imagination. Today is the day when scientists cannot unequivocally say: As a result of research, it was also established that people who do verbal exercises, read anagrams or a fascinating novel. The idea is that the brain is busy, which is not too complicated.

Baby crying is one of the most annoying and unpleasant sounds.

We will tell you about the cause of these phenomena. It’s just that the human brain is programmed. It turns out that crying guys always attract our attention more than any other sound in the world. Oxford scientists watched the experiment, when it turned out that a person can hear the deplorable movement, several of his brain centers directly affect: emotional, speech, “running or running” mechanism, pleasure centers for several feelings at once. The reaction of the brain to it is so lightning that it is perceived as very important.

All the volunteers who participated in the study made it possible to listen to different sounds, the cries of animals that were in pain, and none of the sounds caused such a violent brain reaction as the crying of a child. Moreover, none of them had ever stayed with babies on one. This means that each person instinctively reacts to the crying of a child, regardless of whether he has his own children or not. The children’s organism, its organism is mobilized, which contributes to the rapid transition to the mode of care. So, no matter if you have children or not, you will still react to children’s screams.

The history of the vuvuzel begins in 1910, with Isaiah Schembe, the self-proclaimed preacher and founder of the Nazareth Baptist Church in South Africa. Initially, this tool was made from reed, then from metal, usually it was used for services in the church. In the 80s of the 20th century, it began to appear on the football stadiums in South Africa. In the 90s, it became an integral part of sporting events in the country. Vuvuzela received widespread in the year after the FIFA World Cup, which was held in South Africa.

Being something new, cloudy. It was a loud sound that some fans could only hear for a while, and it seemed that there was a crowd of evil dwarfs somewhere nearby. This sound is annoying to the ear, even when the match is broadcast on TV, and the situation cannot control its source. In general, the whole story in Brazil is forbidden to use.


Do you start what you are telling, or when someone just talks about it? If your answer is yes, then there are two news for you: good and bad. The human brain works that way. And that’s all. And there is good news: a similar reflex suggests. Yes, you can really feel what others feel and empathize with them. You call yourself a good person or partner. In your brain, so-called “mirror” neurons work well, forcing you to copy the behavior and feelings of others.

The presence of these very neurons suggests that you have reached the highest stage of evolution, conditionally, of course. Believe it or not, a reflex of this kind may one day save your life. Scientists believe that this behavior is only in humans. In those days, when people lived very small, they had many opportunities, and this could mean that the food was spoiled or poisonous, and only the gag reflex was left without power poisoning. This helped our ancestors survive.

Swearing other people

And, of course, the broadcast of the latest presidential elections in the United States, which will begin to seem that people simply love to arrange a showdown and absolutely do not find their irritants. Everything is fine while you are on the screen. If you lie on the couch and watch TV. You may even start to feel better. For example, if you are in the kitchen and your neighbors begin to swear because of who is being supervised today, that is, you will definitely feel the discomfort next to them. And you definitely need to take part in the conflict. Participation also plays a role.

Parents decide. Children at any age, up to fifteen. This concerns not only the dispute, but also the final result. Psychologists have studied how even they can be helpful. They can understand the true meaning of compromise, accepting other people and resolving conflict situations. All these children will be fighting conflicts.

Chatter on the phone

In 1880, Mark Twain wrote an essay called Telephone Conversation. It happened just 4 years after Alexander Bell invented it. In this question, you hear only half of the conversations. The fact that we were annoyed by other people’s phone conversations. The fact is that the human brain is prone to predicting events. When we listen to someone else’s phone conversation, we cannot predict what we are saying next. All people do that.

This phenomenon is directly related to the basic idea of ​​the “theory of consciousness”, which is that a person has access only to his own consciousness, and can be obtained through self-analysis, trying to understand that we can, by the same analogy, by comparison. People are quite capable of that. There were cases when people repeated the words of the interlocutor. The brain cannot model the answer, which drives it crazy. We cannot predict what we will say to the person in the next minute.

Spitting, coughing, wheezing, and of course farting

All these unpleasant auditory sounds every person, at least, annoying. This is due to the mizophony that we discussed above. First of all, these are some social factors. For example, this is due to the cultural difference. It may be so, because they cannot hear about it.

This can be caused by a pathology or a disease, and therefore it is unpleasant for people to hear them. Well, these women are annoying sounds more than men. Perhaps this is because a woman is genetically programmed not only for herself, but also for the child. Although, of course, the role of social factors is not canceled.

Brownian noise

Let us relate to the subsequent annoying sound, hypothetically and obedient Brownian noise, about which few people know. I hope that you are reading this article from the phone or sitting in the toilet, just as a precaution.

This is a low sound level, its frequency is 5–9 Hz, which is unattainable for the perception of the human ear. That our body can sense the vibration. Care must be taken. Not very nice, is it? The story of this noise began in 1955. It was experimentally with a turbine and a super-speed propeller, whose rotational speed reached nine hundred revolutions per minute. Even when idling on the ground, a working propeller causes people, that is, near, nausea, headaches and uncontrolled defecation. The crew had serious shock wave damage. The sound of engines could be heard 40 kilometers away.

Nevertheless, experiments were carried out for a long time, but it was not possible to obtain this Brownian noise. Even NASA was concerned that the astronauts might need to change their spacesuit after takeoff. But the myth of Brownian noise is still alive. In 2005, “MythBusters” tried to recreate it, but nothing terrible happened. As if it was a drummer, as if it was a beat. Perhaps it was an artificial noise, and Brownian noise really exists. Just imagine if someone can recreate this sound and somehow will be shared.

Sounds, of course, an integral part of our lives. Even people who have lost their hearing are able to sense many of them. They can even be detrimental to health. Today we are trying to explain to you how only some of them are perceived.