The director of

The new version of the adventures of a cyborg police officer will be called “Robocop Returns.”

MGM Film Studio to start shooting new movies about Robocop. In 1987, he received very low-profile reviews.

The director of the new adventures will be the film “District number 9” and “Robot named Chappi,” writes Deadline.

The script of the original film – Edward Neumayer and Michael Miner will produce a new tape, but the new script will be written by the creator of the new “Terminator” – Justin Rhodes.

A cyborg police officer once received an Oscar for sound effects, which was also nominated twice for this film award.

According to the new scenario, anarchy reigned in Detroit. Robocop will help end crime. The script will be based on a draft version, which was founded in 1987. Justin Rhodes will have to adapt it to the modern version. Make a film in the spirit of the Supreme: not sleek, full of satire and breathtaking.