There will be no divorce: Angelina Jolie changed her mind

The famous Hollywood couple is no longer husband and wife.

This is reported by The Blast, with reference to official documents. The decision to divorce was made by the court, and Angelina and Brad still have to deal with the custody of the children.

I heard that Dzhinelina Jolie has a gap, and therefore we are trying in every possible way to extend the divorce proceedings. I think I did not want to. All children living in these families succeed in the relationship between the spouses of Maddox, Knox, Vivienne, Shiloh, Pax and Zahara.

By the way, during the proceedings, the spouses for a long time could not decide on who will be engaged in raising children. Jolie wanted to have one hundred percent custody of the heirs. However, this decision did not suit. To be able to spend with children half of their time.

At that moment, famous mothers, who had already appeared with children at social events, collapsed at a time when meetings with their father were held behind closed doors of journalists. Perhaps it was a recent incident in the aircraft, when he was in conflict with his parents.

There will be no divorce: Angelina Jolie changed her mind

After that, employees check for parental wrongdoing. However, it failed.

As for the reasons for the divorce, the generally accepted opinion is the emergence of contradictions between spouses. Rumors that she actually has a rumor that I am addicted to drugs and alcohol.