Bad thoughts cause a person to experience strong psychological discomfort. Sometimes people fall into deep depression. The situation is complicated by the fact that a person can easily help only a psychotherapist.

What could be the reasons?

Odessa of the most common causes of bad thoughts is obsessive

Because of what bad thoughts constantly climb in the head

compulsive disorder. It is not necessary that the person is in the advanced stage of the disease – for the emergence of obsessive ideas, the initial degree of OCD or its individual manifestations is sufficient. Most likely, obsessive thoughts with this disorder are associated with the fear of harming him or someone of his relatives, suicidal acts, as well as with other ideas that contradict the patient’s true values. In the head of a person who suffers from such reflections, an overly exhausting struggle is constantly being waged. Thus, these ideas are at odds with their moral values ​​and beliefs. Patients by all means are trying to eliminate the obsessions that arise. However, this can lead to even greater consequences. They try to convince themselves that all these ideas will never be translated into reality, and that this may lead to the fact that they may or may not be able to commit any undesirable act. Attempts to do everything possible are completely opposite, but often such attempts are unsuccessful and, moreover, only increase the frequency of obsessions. The physiological symptoms are expressed.

  • Because of what bad thoughts constantly climb in the head

    jumps blood pressure, rapid heartbeat

  • stiffness in the whole body
  • chest discomfort, shortness of breath
  • sleep disorders
  • constriction of the neck
  • constant urination, stool problems (diarrhea or constipation)
  • trembling in the body, sweating, hot, red spots on the skin
  • noise in ears
  • general weakness, lack of appetite, dizziness.

Behavioral symptoms, when terrible thoughts came to mind, avoided social interaction, outbreaks of irritability and aggression towards others, the desire to retire, as well as compulsive actions – compulsions. Patients (in their opinion) may be endangered or exposed to other people. Compulsions help the patient calm down temporarily and reach an acceptable state. However, after a short time, obsessive thoughts attack OCD patients.

Other causes and treatment

The basis for the emergence of negative reflections may serve other reasons:

  1. Because of what bad thoughts constantly climb in the head

    Personality characteristics of a person. Many people see the world around us in gloomy tones. They, as a rule, are dissatisfied with themselves and others, are endangered and susceptible. Of course, negative thoughts are constant companions of such people. Peer problems.

  2. Panic attacks and the fear of death. Often bad thoughts crawl into the head due to panic attacks that occur, accompanied by the fear of death. This fear reminds of a person at the first incident.

In many cases, only a psychotherapist can completely get rid of patients. For example, with OCD, therapy begins with finding out that the emergence of a relationship should not mean a dangerous action, and does not mean the development of insanity. Usually, psychotherapy also involves taking medications (antidepressants, anxiolytics, tranquilizers). At the sessions, the specialist applies the methods of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, hypnosis, NLP and others. Exposure and warning techniques.

Thoughts that do not need to be postponed until later. Do not be afraid to talk about the psychotherapeutic or close of all that comes to mind – late treatment and attempts to keep everything in itself can lead to unpredictable consequences.