Perhaps this is not as scary as falling into the trap of your own brain. Thoughts in my head, it is difficult to maintain working capacity and a positive attitude towards life. A person feels helpless and asks himself: is this the beginning of insanity?

You need rest, not a straitjacket!

The first thing that should be done in such a situation is to stop enrolling yourself in the ranks of schizophrenics.

Yes, in schizophrenia, obsessive thoughts, voices, pictures, delusions are the main symptom that can easily betray the patient. Do you know how to hide your nonsense from others? This is not the norm? Then congratulations, your sanity is in perfect order. But what can happen to you? Behind the definition is:

  • Because of what thoughts are confused and delirium climbs into the head

    neuroses and OCD

  • excess stress in the body
  • vegetative dystonia
  • CNS disorders that can be reversed
  • mental overstrain, which is clothed in the form of unstoppable, obsessive thoughts, especially before bedtime (pre-simple hallucinations)
  • phobias.

A person usually notices that his sleep decreases, attention and memory begin to fail, his nerves began to come to every opportunity. This means that the brain is too congested and needs urgent rest.

Schizophrenics are different from neurotics, alarmists and the sun, who believe that absolutely normal people take seriously, that they hear “from the outside” and talk with their imaginary interlocutors. They should say that it is the people around them on the steps. Mentally unhealthy person never knows. He hears voices and sees satellites of the image – this is the same norm!

Therefore, you should forget about schizophrenia and pay attention to the most common causes.

Predsonny hallucinations

According to statistics, about 40% of people suffer from regular presonal phenomena and 1-2 stages of sleep. Such pictures include pictures (from natural to completely insane, unreal), sounds and voices, situations, even tactile sensations and smells. A person can hear him talking on the phone. Usually, people perceive everything as one whole situation.

Experts note that the overwhelming majority of precursors of hallucinations suffer from chronic stress, neurosis, and disorders of the central nervous system of varying severity. That is why it is difficult for a person to fall asleep.

Because of what thoughts are confused and delirium climbs into the head

normal, smooth way. It will reach stage 1-2 of sleep, that the brain is not completely disconnected, but wakes up from the slightest impulse.

After the man was convinced that he had just seen and heard that he was very worried about the “abnormality” of such transparent dreams, he had to say only that he had a voice in his head from a mysterious old woman or a terrible animal. It took only five minutes, and he has already managed to populate a kaleidoscope of strange images.

This sleep disorder often occurs in completely healthy people after severe mental overwork or stress. Physical activity during the day.

Confusion in the thoughts of the fault OCD

Obsessive compulsive disorder, which was in my head, worse than any nightmare.

OCD is a type of neurosis that has full power over its owner and has fun with him so that a person can show in public. Symptoms OCD is an obsessive ritual that “threatens” the owner of death or other accidents, unless he “dares” not to follow the command of Mr. Nevroz. The rituals are funny, and there are very dangerous. One person frantically considers tiles on the sidewalk, and

Because of what thoughts are confused and delirium climbs into the head

if wrong, I can go back and start counting from scratch. Another person is “obliged” to touch a passing car, and this is not at all funny.

It is the same with obsessive thoughts. He may not be able to do mental work. And if his work is connected with such activity? Other neurotics with horror scroll through the thoughts of the murder scene of their close relatives. They are frightened that their inflamed imagination give birth. Sexual fantasies may be present instead of murder. We have a whole combination of nonsense, and a person has so many thoughts that he is already ready to call in orderlies to himself – he does not have the strength to endure it.

Is there salvation?

And the more the situation will be aggravated. Experts recommend: “Take a situation, tell yourself:“ Yes, unfortunately, I had a neurosis, and now my head is trying to condemn me, but I will urgently think about it until I get bored. ”

And many patients are forced to turn to a psychotherapist. However, the brain can not perform multiple tasks at the same time – so it is arranged. The sounds of drawing or embroidery, turn on the talk show in the headphones or strenuously listen to the sounds of the entrance. And most importantly – do not be afraid! You are not the only one.

The nervous system is sick, and Brad is one of the signals that it’s time for you to relax!

Because of what thoughts are confused and delirium climbs into the head
Because of what thoughts are confused and delirium climbs into the head
Because of what thoughts are confused and delirium climbs into the head
Because of what thoughts are confused and delirium climbs into the head
Because of what thoughts are confused and delirium climbs into the head

Thoughts can not sleep. Climbing any nonsense. I have not tried to help. Maybe someone knows effective means to restore order in the head before going to bed?

Unfortunately, there is no from this means. If you need to dig inside yourself. Tablets will not help here, unless temporarily suppress the symptoms.

I have a hellish confusion in my head before the PA, I have pills, or my madness, where my pills are. How to fight, do not know yet.

Schizophrenics do not know that they are sick? I am not a person who communicated with them.

He said that it is necessary to treat the psyche, immediately passed.
He has mental disorders, he says that he will drink pills.
I have psycho-psychological disorders, and he has all the signs that you are experiencing strong experiences in the desert.

Brood confusion, etc. I know for sure that I know for sure.