How does the IRR affect eyesight

Almost 90% of information about the world around the world people get through the organs of vision. If a person begins to see poorly, his daily activities are no longer as complete as before, because loss of clarity of vision causes discomfort and in some cases even makes one feel fear. People look not only at people, but also at those who have serious concerns about their state of health. Patients with a diagnosis of “vascular dystonia” vision problems are particularly frightening. They should also signal possible abnormalities in the body.

Why does the clarity of vision disappear?

It is known that a person suffering from mental disorders is practically not subject to stressful situations. Regular excitement leads to excessive excitation of the nervous system, which provokes an overstrain of the eye muscles, a change in the shape of the eyeball, vasoconstriction and lack of blood in the tissues. As a result, pathological processes may develop. The point is that a person’s eyesight deteriorates. As a rule, people often get glasses or compact lenses, but they are still weaker.

Visual impairment in IRR may also be episodic. The fact is that many of them have no difficulty as a result of uncontrolled insurers. In the literal sense of the word “the world is swimming before our eyes.” For example, in individuals suffering from fear in medical institutions, vision deteriorates when visiting a hospital or even when filming video. The world around us “floats” with an elevator or in a small room. Individuals experiencing a fear of social interaction, the veil froze in the eyes of the stranger’s condemning glance or in the queue for buyers. As a rule, the symptom is accompanied by many other undesirable manifestations, namely:

  • How does the IRR affect eyesight


  • nausea
  • irregular pressure
  • tinnitus
  • rapid pulse
  • excessive sweating, frequent urination
  • heaviness in the head
  • strong intestinal urge
  • ripple in temples
  • reddening of the face, neck
  • lack of air, shortness of breath, pre-unconsciousness
  • the feeling that everything happens “like in the movies.”

However, not always problems with vision in the IRR are due to nervous shocks. For example, the cause of the symptoms may be a disorder of the vestibular apparatus. Like glaucoma, cataract, myopia, mesh or conjunctivitis. Vegetative dystonia is not a reason to forget about the available eye pathologies that can develop in any person.

What does treatment mean?

First of all, you need to consult a doctor and pass the necessary examination. Treatment should be prescribed only by a qualified specialist. At home, you can perform special exercises for the eyes.

  1. How does the IRR affect eyesight

    Squeeze eyes, then wide open. Run at least four times.

  2. Move the view right to left, then up and down. First perform the exercise with open eyes, then with closed. The head does not turn and do not tilt. Run at least three times.
  3. Revolve eyes in a clockwise direction. Repeat at least three times with eyes closed and open.
  4. Blink quickly for a minute.
  5. Rub your palms so that they remain on the eyes. When performing exercises, you must completely relax and cause positive emotions.

You can also try to adjust a full, balanced diet. Vitamins A, B, D, E will be beneficial. Effective vitamins can be beneficial for the eyes and herbs.

It must be remembered that loss of clarity of vision is not always a cause for great concern. Sometimes a vague picture may be short-lived and be the result of normal overwork or excessive physical exertion. In order to avoid discomfort, attention should be paid to the proper daily routine, sleep for at least 7-8 hours and not burden yourself with heavy physical and mental work.