When this happens, you will have the opportunity to achieve a single right decision. A person does not see to suffer from pain. Pain destroys every day of your life, death can destroy only one – these are the beliefs of people intending to commit suicide.

Why does a person think about suicide?

The emergence of ideas about the extra life always indicates the presence of serious problems. There are several “varieties” of similar thoughts:

  • How to deal with suicidal thoughts

    desire to commit suicide with severe depression and stress

  • intention to commit suicide as a result of alcohol and drug use
  • suicidal thoughts with VSD
  • obsessive thoughts about hurting yourself or suicide.

The most common thought is about long-lasting depression, severe stress and painful experiences. When a person experiences deep heartache, he begins to think about how to stop it. Usually in a state of long depression, people cannot save themselves or calm down only at some time. Gradually, a person comes to the conclusion that only death can stop his suffering. A prolonged depression that causes thoughts of suicide may result in:

  1. loss of loved ones (death, separation)
  2. loss of self
  3. lack of meaning of life
  4. severe illness, constant physical pain
  5. strong guilt feelings, self-loathing.

In some mental illnesses, thoughts of committing suicide may also appear. For example, in OCD, patients may pursue obsessive thoughts of suicide or self-injury. He leads an intense struggle for them, and everyone is trying to get rid of them. Suicidal thoughts during neurosis make a person very hard, but they are never a reality, because they contradict his true desires and aspirations. The danger lies in the fact that the neurosis of obsessive states leads to severe depressions and real intentions to commit suicide.

What to do?

How to deal with suicidal thoughts

To consult a specialist, it is recommended to contact a specialist. Perhaps a few conversations will help get rid of the problems. In severe cases, you should contact a psychotherapist or psychiatrist. Therapy will begin immediately. The treatment is chosen strictly individually for each patient. Patients with suicidal intent usually prescribe antidepressants and sedatives. Therapy can be supplemented with hypnotic drugs, B vitamins, as well as physiotherapeutic procedures. An important part of the treatment is psychotherapy – individual and group.

Help “here and now”

If for some reason a visit to a psychotherapist is not possible, then you should use tips that will help protect yourself.

  • How to deal with suicidal thoughts

    Delay. You have to give yourself a day or two to think it over carefully. A person who is experiencing pain is distorted by the perception of the surrounding world. Thanks to the delay, you can take a fresh look at the situation.

  • Call close people. The likelihood of perfect suicidal growth increases. To talk with friends or family. Talking with a loved one can ease the heartache.
  • Making a list of things that cause positive emotions. In this list you can include everything that brings at least some joy at the moment. These can be the names of loved ones, songs, films and films that save in difficult moments.
  • Making a list of things that can distract. When these suicidal thoughts turn out to be too painful, it is necessary to draw up a list of distractions – things that can be done here and now in order to temporarily abstract (work at home, jogging, reading books).
  • Develop a plan in case of the next occurrence of negative intentions. Sometimes in order to feel better, you do not need to concentrate and understand. A developed plan will show how to act if suicidal plans come back and do not allow focusing on what needs to be done.
  • Creating a safe environment. Everything necessary came to life, so that there were no things in the house that could harm yourself. Some drugs, knives, etc. should be eliminated. Unsafe items can be locked up.
  • Avoiding conditions that provoke negative emotions. Certain places or people can significantly impair mood and general well-being. If possible, you should try to avoid getting into such situations.

In addition, it is worth trying to convince yourself. You need to stop treating yourself too much, love yourself and try to feel your own importance and need.

A person who attends suicidal thoughts does not want death, suffering and suffering, but does not see the constructive possibilities of solving his problems. Severe depression makes people perceive the world around them differently. A person who is in a state of deep depression should show special sensitivity and attention – timely assistance in making the right decisions can help save lives.