Vulnerability is a painful experience, suspicion that the most important spheres of life (health, relationships) are under threat. Suspiciousness in the IRR deserves special attention, since the patient stays in a state of endless tension and the risk of getting a serious depression.

What happens in the head of suspicious dystonic? How do such thoughts arise?

What thinks himself sick?State reasonHow does this manifest itself?
Anticipation of imminent deathRepressed in the subconscious and psychological trauma from early childhood and adolescence are transformed into a real phobia of death. Many years ago. Either he remembers, but does not associate his panic disorders with the same events. Too impressionable children can drive themselves. All patients who have experienced first sex life at a young age and who have not received competent substantiations from adults can never capture the thought in my subconscious mind: I can die suddenly, but I cannot help.In the subconscious mind, certain mechanisms are triggered that provoke a surge of adrenaline. Frequent steps may be downloading the development of panic disorder. Distonics accumulate negative emotions and fears inside themselves, withdraw into themselves, begin to wait for the poor from everywhere. Some patients are afraid to go out, because we think what will happen. The alarmists are afraid to be alone, always near the mobile phone and their first-aid kit. Breathing and the body are constantly in a state of strong anxiety and tension, which provokes jumps in blood pressure, heart overload, depression, weakness, etc.
Confidence in the presence of an unknown disease, from which you can dieSometimes it is so that he is sick, and constantly and hopelessly. This man is one on one with his imaginary diseases. He himself begins the search for his salvation. Sometimes hypochondriacal suspicion in the IRR develops independently in adulthood, when the patient has new unpleasant symptoms. This happens to impressionable people who want to keep everything under control. Neurocirculatory dystonia, patients lose their balance in life and all the forces in search of truth – what happens to them? Hypochondriacs suspiciousness gives rest 24 hours a day. The patient is studying medical information, does not get out of the Internet. Hypochondriac perceives any colic in the side or a sudden slight dizziness as a harbinger of trouble. Without ceasing, he visits narrow specialists, demands surveys, accuses all doctors of incompetence. The perception of symptoms in VSDshnikov is usually exaggerated, and that is not only their fault. The inflamed nervous system perceives any discomfort more acutely than that of a standard person. Sometimes dystonic has psychogenic, illusory pains, which requires an explanation from doctors.
Everyone is indifferent, no one will help, all life goes down the drainFamily and close friends are not always first-class psychologists and competent doctors. These are the most ordinary people who can not understand the sufferings of VSDshnikov. The hospital may seem to them strange, annoying, requiring increased attention and care, infantile, uncollected, pitiful. Household members of his family, can throw a phrase, unpleasant for the patient, seeming to him reproaches. As a result, a person can withdraw into himself, get a deep depression and believe that the whole world is opposed to him. He can feel safe.Strong suspiciousness in the IRR extends to family, interpersonal relationships. The patient begins to suspect that the partner (husband / wife) is not very loving and unwilling to help. A person can reproach households, even minors, in inaction and selfishness, becomes whiny, irritated, rude. He really suffered, and they, indifferent egoists, did not take him seriously and did not want to listen.

For fast and progressive voltage. For example, the hospital just vaguely suspected that he had incomplete hearts, and today he is already a full-fledged cardio neuropathy, who believes that the world and all doctors are opposed to him.

Ways to deal with the property

The state is expressed not only in mental agony, but also in somatic conditions: blood pressure changes, hand tremor can begin, skip sleep and appetite, the heart loses its normal rhythm, breathing is lost. The following techniques will help alleviate the condition:

  1. How to deal with suspiciousness in IRR

    Pressure in the chest or in the heart region – cough with all your might.

  2. When lifting blood pressure or tremor – it strongly strains the muscles of the whole body, holds the breath for up to 10 seconds so that everything trembles. Then exhale, relax completely.
  3. Try to get carried away by some interesting occupation. It has long been proven: a busy brain has no time to digest negative fantasies about the future.
  4. Read less medical information. People can write mail from the spleen. Many of them have never experienced symptoms, which are described in detail. If you want your life to distrust?

The time spent searching for useless information, no one can spend on your favorite and useful things. Why not write a book about hypochondria? There are quite a lot of authors in the world, whose books have helped people rethink their whole life.

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