How to explain the feeling of anxiety for no reason

Unreasonable feeling of anxiety is well known to everyone with IRR. It was completely weird. In fact, the feeling of anxiety is never unreasonable. In the subconscious there are many different moments of the past that could not be remembered without a psychotherapy session. They choose outward in the form of an incomprehensible feeling of anxiety. This is especially common for patients with vascular dystonia.

An unexpected guest named Anxiety

How does a person who suffers from bouts of causeless, at first glance, anxiety behave? First of all, he becomes unable to do something significant, does not know where to put it, and everything literally falls from his hands. Sometimes this problem may not be too pronounced, but not too pronounced. At this point, a person may become depressed. He can only watch on social networks or mindlessly switch television channels. In fact, everything decides to pay a visit in the middle of the night. People suffer from insomnia and do not understand what prevents them from falling asleep. It seems nothing happened, and during the day everything was absolutely normal. Yes, the subconscious is able to play with us, and all this will force you to penetrate deeply into the guests under the guise of vague anxiety at the most inappropriate moment. Persistent anxiety can trigger:

  • How to explain the feeling of anxiety for no reason

    apathy, depression, feeling of doom

  • general weakness
  • persistent sleep problems (insomnia, early awakening, shallow sleep, nightmares)
  • neck tightness
  • irritability, nervousness, aggression
  • noise in the head
  • headaches
  • panic attacks
  • severe lack of air
  • malfunction of the digestive tract
  • pressure surges, tachycardia
  • failure to conduct familiar daily activities.

In some cases, you can get people to quit their jobs, leave the house and completely avoid social contacts. In this case, a person can lead to the most dangerous consequences.

What lies in the subconscious?

Very often, the behavior and well-being of a person is influenced by events from childhood. These events were transformed into anxiety, fear and neurosis. First of all, on the psychological state affect:

  1. How to explain the feeling of anxiety for no reason

    parenting mistakes

  2. excessive custody or lack of parental love
  3. the observation of someone else’s traumatic experience from
  4. rejection by peers (humiliation, disregard, neglect).

It is known: everything that has shaken the imagination of children affects their future life. People conduct this parallel psychotherapeutic conversation. Qualified psychotherapeutic help, as a rule, helps people to perceive what is happening around the event.

Anxiety without a cause may also arise from the fear of death lurking in the subconscious. As a rule, many dystonics often suffer from panic attacks, painful symptoms. One of these symptoms is the strongest, uncontrollable fear of dying, which often occurs after the World becomes as if distant, a person perceives what is happening as if everything is happening in the movies. Naturally, the patient will be afraid to face all these painful manifestations. It was a hated anxiety. What can provoke his appearance? Individual and sensitive psyche can cause any thoughts about death.

Every dystonic should remember that it is not necessary. To find out what are the true reasons, you need to work on it and learn to perceive your past adequately.