Almost every night a person dreams about something. Waking up in the morning is much nicer if night dreams were calm and kind. This can spoil the mood and make the person feel better and more depressed. I think that fragments of some nightmarish creatures can remain in memory even for very long.

What is a nightmare download?

How to get rid of the constant nightmares

A man sees in a dream that one way or another shocked his imagination. These can be impressions accumulated during the day, or experiences seated in the subconscious even in childhood. So, for example, if a person wants to have a way out, it means that in life, some kind of situation, it seems difficult to him, almost insoluble. Dystoniki – especially impressionable people. They take everything to heart, love to dramatize, worry about their health, constantly worry, and therefore their dreams can turn into real horrors. The “richer” the imagination, the more confusing and terrible the plots of night dreams. It can be said that the nervous tension that is experiencing difficulties during the day, or, however, even a few reasons because of which a person may have nightmares:

  • How to get rid of the constant nightmares

    overnight consumption of fatty foods or alcohol

  • wrong sleeping position
  • intense exercise during the day
  • taking certain medications
  • increased body temperature.

This may not leave an imprint on human well-being. People feel overwhelmed. And the VSD-Schnick in general can inspire themselves that such dreams are harbingers of impending negative events. In some cases, we had exceptionally receptive individuals. Night, which can not be ignored, “nightmarish.” If you let everything go by itself, the state may deteriorate significantly. Anxiety and excitement of the uncontrollable fear of the dark. In some cases, an irrational fear of death may occur. Mental disorders themselves are almost impossible.

What to do when the nights turn into a nightmare?

Something terrible, you can follow the following recommendations:

  1. sleep at least 8 hours
  2. How to get rid of the constant nightmares

    it is necessary to air the room before going to bed

  3. you should not get enough sleep, drink alcohol, take sleeping pills or any other medicine without a doctor’s recommendation (some antidepressants, for example, can provoke too realistic or strange dreams)
  4. do not watch action movies, horror movies
  5. give up computer games and mobile phones
  6. whenever possible every day for half an hour
  7. You can drink a glass of warm milk with honey, listen to pleasant relaxing music, take a warm bath.

Especially hard to fall for those who have nightmares. He should do a breathing exercise or take a mild sedative. Many feel better when they go around the house, drink a glass of water, get distracted by something. If there is a close person nearby, you can talk to him, talk about what is bothering you.

This should lead to a state of the nervous system. The main condition for a restful sleep without frequent awakenings and nightmares is a healthy mind. Psychotherapy sessions are the best way to improve mental health and regain long-awaited peace of mind.