Fear of large crowds of people has the name of demophobia. Sufferers of this disorder by an individual are pursued by the acute appearance of a threat in any populous place.

Causes and symptoms of fear

As a rule, the basis for the development of a phobia is usually a psycho-traumatic experience experienced in childhood. It is known that every person has his own comfort zone, his own personal space. If the personal facets of the child are constantly violated (by relatives or strangers), strong psychological discomfort is laid in his mind, which later provokes problems with the perception of people around him. In particular, difficulties in overcoming when a person is in a crowd. If this happens, it can happen in an unpleasant situation.

Sometimes fighting can take place in a crowd of unpleasant incidents. For example, publicly higher or physical abuse has occurred. Observations of the parties will be quite sufficient for the development of fear. The strongest mark, like murder or brutal beating.

The main psychological symptoms of fear of crowds are:

  • How to get rid of the fear of large crowds

    avoid visiting crowded places

  • desire to be alone, refusal to communicate
  • scroll through the thoughts of your own helpless behavior at the moment of an attack in public
  • constant causeless anxiety, lack of a sense of calm outside the home
  • outbreaks of aggression, irritability, gloominess.

The physiological signs of demophobia include:

  1. dizziness, shortness of breath
  2. How to get rid of the fear of large crowds

    increased blood pressure, frequent heart rhythm

  3. sweating, trembling in all body, tears
  4. redness of the skin, heat
  5. strong urge to urinate, “nervous” diarrhea.

Often in demophobes at the time of the attack, an acute panic attack occurs, accompanied by sensations of derealization, the fear of death and a faint-waking state.

How to help yourself?

In order for people to experience stress, it is necessary to avoid stressful situations. Many demophobes feel quite “acceptable” when they don’t visit local crowds. However, this behavior does not solve the problem. Sometimes this restriction affects the quality of life. For example, people can avoid crowded places, enjoy watching movies in movies and more. Directly at the moment of the beginning or at its approaching, you can use useful tips.

  • You need to look around you and carefully follow the unauthentic people. This will help to realize that they are all engaged in serious business and do not pose any threat. And they are not going to anyone
    How to get rid of the fear of large crowds

    hurt All are on an equal footing.

  • The voice of a loved one can help ease a panic. He can support and reassure. In this case, should not be contacted by a person who can upset and upset.
  • You can try to talk to anyone from the crowd. Because it can increase panic. It is better if the solution is quick and even spontaneous. You can ask the person time, ask any question. The calm response of the stranger will help to return to reality and assess the events adequately.
  • In a moment of panic, you need to focus on your own body sensations, on breathing. You can do any breathing exercise, it is best to sit on the bench. The desire to drink water and take a mild sedative.

The most common problem is a qualified psychotherapist. This will be a free condition for the complete elimination of phobias.