Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a person’s condition that is purely psychiatric in nature as “contrast obsession.” This is not only due to the fact that the person is experiencing weakness, but also truly frightening.

Sometimes this is due to the fact that they had nothing to do with birth under the influence of neurosis.

This is not a dream nightmare

We should talk about them without having to deal with them, because it is important to understand the mechanism of their occurrence.

How to live with contrasting obsessions

“I talked to my sister and mentally dismember her.” Is a maniac sleeping in me? “

“Every time I come to pray in the church, I clearly imagine how all my own people start everything around them: icons, candles, people who came and ministers.” I just can’t help it! “

“I am pursuing sexual thoughts about my best friend. Himself becomes sick – what’s wrong with me? I do not want to understand it! “

“I look like a young mom, and every time I breastfeed my baby, it seems to me that this is all I do. I know where these thoughts come from? This is so scary! “

It can only be the most dear relatives, close friends, sacred places or themselves. Man tries to kill and protect. This is the contrasting thoughts. They are contrary to the true desires and intentions of man.

In this case, the patient feels:

  • unbearable guilt to a man dear to him
  • fear of sharp objects, balconies, medicines – the word, of everything that can “help” it to harm close people
  • acute internal stress
  • state of helplessness and stress
  • desire to retire, withdraw into yourself.

Can such obsessive thoughts come true? What are their consequences?

Untold fears and burdens bring the patient to exhaustion. Some are gaining chances of salvation. There are other neurotics who will bite their teeth and remain silent until their inner struggle creates new phobias and symptoms:

  1. How to live with contrasting obsessions

    A person may doubt his mental state, sexual orientation or adequacy.

  2. A man begins to fear, and he begins to suffer, and his heart rises under pressure.
  3. OCD is progressing and may end in the deepest depression with suicidal attempts.

It must be remembered that contrasting obsessions never advance. “Neurosis” is not equal to “schizophrenia” or “tendency to crime.” During the entire period of CN, the person realized that he had never appeared. Everything that comes to his head seems unhealthy, disgusting, frightening, repulsive.

That is, the patient soberly assesses his condition and is able to distinguish adequate thoughts from insane ones. This may mean that they may violate their own moral attitudes.

How to deal with CN?

In this situation, – to see their attitude to frightening thoughts. Any treatment will give great results.

In a healthy psyche, there is always a limit to what is permitted. They are well aware that he has immoral, blasphemous and obscene thoughts. And talk about some fantasies out there?

How to live with contrasting obsessions

And they all kill their thoughts – and they follow. The patient does not fit the knives, closes the windows tightly. There are known cases when some young people even left their young children with relatives or friends, lived in a different place, did not trust themselves. The more food gets neurosis, the more he runs after the sick on the heels.

You need to slowly train yourself to clash with frightening. On the contrary, spend more time with them. Do not hide sharp objects away. I am safe, I can control the situation, my hands did not explode with knives on their own, without my permission. The sooner you form a neutral, calm attitude, the faster you will begin to weaken your neurotic thoughts.

The reflex fades away if not used. And your task is quite simple.