Sometimes this leads to the fact that the person on the nerves of the soil begins to twitch the eye. Constant nervous tick not only interferes with the usual daily activities and disrupts the normal rhythm of life, but also causes grave fear in the VSD.

How to cope with a symptom?

There are a lot of methods to help eliminate this manifestation.

  1. You need to squeeze your eyes tight. Perform the action until tears come out. The muscles of the face, the muscles of the face relax. If during the exercise there was pain or tick began to appear more intense, you need to stop immediately.
  2. How to stop a nervous eye tick

    Middle palm of the hands, you need to gently massage the lower eyelids. You must first make sure that your fingers and face are not contaminated. Massage for improved blood circulation in the tissues and fortified muscles.

  3. You can blink quickly and easily for half a minute. Experts during the exercise advise to imagine that the eyelids are the wings of a butterfly. Blinking helps to calm the muscles, moisturizes and cleans the eyeballs. If you experience any unpleasant feelings, pain, or increased twitching, you should immediately stop the exercise. This technique is a nervous tic of the upper eyelid.
  4. You must close your eyes for 60 seconds. First you should relax. Care must be taken to keep your eyes closed. Perform the action 3 times. Exercise strengthens muscles, eliminates visual spasms.
  5. Gently press down and start making circular motions. Do exercise should be for 5 minutes. Hands and face must be clean.
  6. You can try to rinse your eyes with water – first cool and then warm. Instead of cold water, you can use ice cube. Perform an action at least 7 times.

These methods, as a rule, help to cope with problems in centuries. However, it is worth noting that these exercises cannot be guaranteed. To provoke the emergence of a nervous tic.

Protection methods

There are also several methods for preventing nervous tic.

  • How to stop a nervous eye tick

    It is necessary to refuse the frequent use of coffee and stimulating medicines. It is worth noting that the dosage of drugs can be adjusted only after consulting with your doctor.

  • It is necessary to use more fluid, because dehydration often leads to the appearance or intensification of this symptom. Per day you need to drink up to 10 glasses of water.
  • Full sleep is a prerequisite for normal well-being. Constant lack of sleep and fatigue tend to lead to fatigue. Sleep should be at least 7-8 hours. No need to use a front computer or mobile phone.
  • It is very important to avoid stressful situations. It is known that conflicts and psychological stress can lead to undesirable physiological manifestations.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the fact that the body receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to eat more fruits, vegetables, berries, various cereals and legumes. The pumpkin seeds, rye bread, cottage cheese and any kinds of fish will also be useful.

What is the reason to contact an oculist?

Eye doctor should be visited in the case when:

  1. How to stop a nervous eye tick

    twitches worry more than a week

  2. nervous tick spreads to other parts of the face
  3. pus is released from the eyes, there is redness and swelling
  4. upper eyelid lowered
  5. headaches, visual disturbances, double eyes.

The psychological causes of a nervous tic eye should be worked out when taken by a qualified therapist. First of all, it is necessary to achieve the stability of the nervous system to stressful circumstances and learn how to properly respond to situations of heightened emotional tension. Any unpleasant physiological manifestations caused by psychogenic disorders, as a rule, cease to bother the patient after several successful psychotherapy sessions.