“Which ear is ringing?” Your friend asks. It is believed that in the case of successful otgadki you will surely fulfill the desire. This means that only one thing is needed: to understand what is happening and how to kill it. Most likely, you will relax.

Causes of permanent ear ringing

Tinnitus – so in medical language is called any noise felt in the ears (ringing, whistling, squeaking, rustling). It can be provoked by a variety of factors: a long rock concert, an infectious

Ringing in the ears - how to overcome it

incidence, lack of iron in the blood, old age, head injuries. Sometimes the music becomes trite incoherent, and when the doctor squeezes the greasy cork out of the ear canal, all problems immediately disappear.

In the nervous system there are “nervous” factors: vegetative-vascular dystonia, panic attacks, fluctuations in blood pressure and endless stress. When detecting any pathological pathologies, no reasons were identified. But how are the nerves and the ears connected?

How rings?Why is it ringing?What to do?
VSD / panic attacksAs a rule, the same with different parties. Hypersensitivity to all symptoms affects the perception of the ringing: for someone he is whistling, for someone – oppressive, with pain. Some people hear that they are in a very uncomfortable state.In vegetative-vascular dystonia, there are pressure surges, impaired blood circulation, excessive vascular tone, or inappropriate relaxation. All this leads to various unpleasant symptoms. Symptoms are particularly pronounced in the process of panic attack, when the vessels experience a strong spasm, the nervous system is exacerbated to the limit.It is necessary that the nervous system copes with the load and failures: she took a contrast shower, she visited a psychotherapist (often the provocateurs of all the symptoms of the IRR live in the subconscious and were not printed with ordinary tablets). In moments of acute attacks, you can eat or take a weak tea with 2-3 drops of essential oil, this will relieve tension.
Emotional overloadWith disorders of the central nervous system, usually caused by anxiety and stress. A person can hear and feel anything, although in reality no pathology in the vessels occurs. Noise increases the excitement, which in turn provokes an even bigger bell.Nerve endings of the whole organism. In addition, an overloaded nervous system provokes chaos in the inner ear. In the end, the man seems.Here the most important thing is to put the nervous system in order. Switching to other sounds — music, film, rain — helps some patients. I sometimes call so strongly that he cares more and more. In cases where the patient prescribes antidepressants or effective sedatives. Sit in headphones and do not drink coffee.
HypertensionAs a rule, sounds begin equally in both ears, but sometimes it happens that the sensations become stronger. Sounds are also synchronous with the heartbeat.Due to an elevated blood pressure, all the vessels undergo spasms, including the vessels of the brain and the posterior ear arteries. Blood and blood in the ears.If this condition persecutes a person constantly, it is advisable to turn to a general practitioner, then to a cardiologist. After medical intervention, the person disappears and the person returns to a relaxed lifestyle.

When a “nervous” ringing in the ears becomes a permanent symptom, it means that it completely redefines the lifestyle and sets up bad habits. If a person does not get enough sleep, is poorly fed, has to deal with caffeine, alcohol and other psychostimulants, then the treatment of the nervous system will be long and exhausting. Then you can do without medication.